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Ashley Marchand, Program Director of The Windsor Youth Centre (WYC), visited the Faith Friends on December 17th and told the kids about The Windsor Youth Centre , with programs to support youth aged 16-25 with essentials like food and hygiene items, as well as opportunities to develop their personal identity and look into growth opportunities in a safe place.
The Faith Friends had great questions for Ashley, such as “Where do they sleep?” “Where do they go to the bathroom?”
Ashley was able to answer all their questions and express to our Faith Friends that there are kids just like them who need our support, not just food and hygiene items, but love, respect and care, too♥️
After church, Faith Friends helped fill Ashley’s car with items purchased with money collected during the Coin Fund, pre-Covid time🧃🚗

Our dear Lauren Snyder-Gault always comes up with something interesting and exciting for the Faith Friends time on Sunday😊
At the start of January, Faith Friends celebrated the beginning of the New Year together by writing something that they wanted to forget from the past year on a piece of paper. Then, under a careful watch of Miss Lauren, kids lit it on fire to send it up to God🙏🏻😮
Out with the bad and focusing on the good and new✨❤️

What if God called you?☎️
What would he say? How would he get a hold of you? Would he use a cell phone or a rotary dial phone?🤔
These and many more questions were discussed by our Faith Friends group on Sunday.
Kids talked about special gifts they each have and how God might “call” on them to use these gifts now or in the future, once they know what they want to be and what career path they choose🙏🏻🤗


It seems our Faith Friends had lots of fun in the snow while it lasted!❄️☃️😁

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