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On the last week of February, Miss Lauren spoke to our Faith Friends about Gratitude🙏🏻😊
And they got the chance to colour their gratitude tiles! How fun!🎨😄

On one of the Sundays in March, the Faith Friends learned about what God told Jeremiah, writing his law on their hearts. God made it pretty simple, too. LOVE❤️
Many thanks to Emma, Molly and Gemma for making the special love sign and Patrick and Preston for creating our new stained glass🎨🧑🏻‍🎨

In preparation for Earth Day, the Faith Friends sorted out man-made glass pieces to rocks from Earth🌱🍃🌍
Thanks to our dearest Lauren Snyder-Gault they also got to look closely at a wasp’s nest to see how intricately it’s made and slid the thin sheets into a frame to look through in the sunlight☀️🪞
So fun and educational!
Thank you, Lauren♥️


One April Sunday morning, our Faith Friends along with their fearless leader Lauren Snyder-Gault celebrated Earth Day!😁🌎🌱
They planted a small tree, played in the dirt, examined worms and mushrooms, then decorated the sidewalks with biodegradable, liquid chalk for the community to appreciate🌳💚
Thank you, Lauren💚

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