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On one of the Sundays in March, our Faith Friends got to examine shells, rocks, stones and sea glass to find the differences in each. They also got to learn an important lesson that everything evolves over time, just like us, and our surroundings help define who we are.


Take a peek at what our Faith Friends did on Easter Sunday!
They first listened to the story of how Jesus' body was prepared after he died, ready to be placed in the tomb - clean linens with a mixture of myrrh and aloes, plus perfumed oils were wrapped around Jesus' body. 

Then, one group of our Faith Friends did the same thing using a marshmallow as Jesus' body, melted butter as the perfumed oil, cinnamon sugar as the spices and crescent roll dough as linen. When placed in the oven, the marshmallow (body of Jesus) melts away! Meanwhile, the other group made bunnies using their hand prints.

Well, our Faith Friends not only know a lot on the topics of Deafblindness and "yarn bombing" now, but also had a chance to help our dearest Lauren cover the tree just outside our Church in a variety of yarn squares. It is a tactile display that is accessible to all, no matter their vision or hearing. 
Kids even tried to put themselves in a place of a deafblind person and experience what it feels like to rely on one’s other senses such as smell and touch.

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