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PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)

If you have automatic withdrawals from your bank account to pay bills, taxes, or mortgage, then you already understand the PAR principle. Besides being convenient, using PAR for your offering ensures regular monthly givings to help our church's ministry even when you are away. You will be providing our congregation a dependable flow of contributions, which increases our overall financial stability. Why not participate in PAR? Your regular giving supports the local ministry of our congregation. 

Your giving for Mission and Service helps people overcome poverty, helps train new ministers, equips leaders, sends chaplains into communities, and sends mission personnel to serve M&S partners around the world. You give support to Aboriginal ministries and remote congregations. In Canada, and around the world, your Mission and Service gifts support vibrant and vital ministries for the healing of the word. 

How do I sign up for PAR?

1. Prayerfully decide what you will give each year, and divide that amount by 12.

2. Fill out the authorized form, and attach a cheque marked "VOID."

3. Enclose both in an envelope and place on the offering plate, give to our designated PAR contact person, or drop off at the church office. 

4. The amount will be transferred from your account to our congregational support on the 20th of each month. You can modify or cancel your donation, change how it is designated, or change your information at anytime.

5. Making an offering is an important part of our worship time together. We will give you PAR cards to place on the offering plate as a symbol of your gift.


Tecumseh United Church currently accepts donations through E-transfer. Please send donations to

(No password needed)

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