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Spring has Sprung! Maybe…

Mother Nature is playing with us! I am writing this at the end of February, and we have just
had the warmest day on record for this time of year and today the temperature is dropping
fast! Sometimes the season of Lent feels a lot like the weather. Do we give up things we love
for 40 days to show repentance, or do we reflect on what we want to get rid of within
ourselves to make way for serving others. One day we are hot, the next we are cold.
Our personalities can be that way as well. The ebb and flow of life is within all of us.
Finding the balance is the best way to handle these days. When we find balance, we can
negotiate and look forward to what lies ahead.

We are looking forward to some spring-like events here at the church. The Irish Stew is making
a return, the spring yard sale will be here before we know it. And we are currently travelling
the Lenten journey awaiting an Easter morning filled with joy! Yes, we have lots to look
forward to in the coming days that will put a “spring” in our step and usher in the newness of
God’s creation. I have noticed that some daffodils and crocuses have started to peak through
the ground. I hope they know it is only the first of March and a long way from continuous
warm weather!

Some of you have asked about the addition of a Congregation Designated Minister of Pastoral
Care. Also known as CDM. This role was created with the permission of our Region to fill-out
our ministry in the community. The board approached Joannie Weisshaar and invited her to
take on the role. She agreed. The CDM of Pastoral Care will assist the minister in keeping up
with, or in touch with our congregation. Some of you may have received a call from Joannie in
this new capacity. She will be doing this throughout the year to check-in with folks that we
haven’t seen in a while or to introduce us to new people who are looking for more information
about our church or visited us to see if this is the place for them.

I am delighted to have a CDM added to our staff. Our hope is that we can remain in touch with
you in a meaningful way. Please let us know if your phone number has changed or your
address or your email has changed. Heather will gladly make the changes to keep us

Happy Spring!

Rev. Robin 

Every Sunday at 10 am

Every Sunday at 10 am


Affirm United Ensemble is an organization of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities within The United Church of Canada. Affirm United works to promote the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in the church and in society. The Affirming Ministries Program was launched by Affirm United and Friends of Affirm in the summer of 1992 (at that time, it was called “Affirming Congregations”). Each United Church organization that is an Affirming Ministry declares itself to be fully inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities—and they back up their words with action.

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